Fund Overview

The Fund seeks returns that reflect the daily performance of the price of gold bullion.

Investment strategy/process

The Fund’s strategy is designed to track, as closely as possible, the daily movements of the price of gold. Through investing 25 percent of the Fund’s assets in gold futures contracts, the Fund has the ability to provide investors with the returns generated by a direct investment in gold bullion. The Fund is designed as a buy-and-hold mutual fund alternative delivering exposure to gold. Employing proprietary computer models, the Fund’s managers purchase a variety of gold futures contracts on a daily basis to ensure that the price of gold is tracked as precisely as possible.

To offset the Fund’s expense ratio, management invests in low-duration corporate bonds. These funds offer little interest rate risk, and when interest rates increase, the Fund potentially has the ability to offset a greater portion of the expense ratio for investors. 

Due to its distinctive construction, The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund has the ability to offer this direct exposure to tracking the daily price of gold bullion within the structure of a mutual fund.