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About the Gold Bullion Strategy Fund

The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund is designed to track the performance of gold bullion on a daily basis. Investors who wish to avoid the political, company and currency risk of investing in gold mining stocks that other actively managed gold-oriented funds encounter may choose to allocate a percentage of their portfolio to a more direct investment in gold. 

The first mutual fund that seeks to deliver the ability to track the price of gold bullion, the Fund also offers:

  • Capital appreciation potential
  • 1099 tax reporting
  • A high degree of liquidity
  • Experienced management
  • A cost-efficient approach
  • No-load iShares, as well as Class A and Class C shares


About Advisors Preferred, the Fund’s adviser

Advisors Preferred, an SEC-registered investment adviser, provides support for The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund by performing the many operational, trading, custody, reporting, legal and compliance responsibilities, enabling Fund managers to focus on managing money. Advisors Preferred also provides substantial sales and marketing support to help grow assets under management, thus lowering expenses for all shareholders.


About Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., the Fund’s sub-adviser

As the Fund’s sub-adviser, Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., manages the fund’s investments. Characterized by a focus on managing investment risk by employing proprietary software and trading technologies via active investment management, Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., employs a disciplined process to help investors increase the probability of reaching their investment expectations. The firm is committed to delivering money management solutions designed to reduce downside risk without sacrificing returns.



In markets and economic environments that are constantly changing, gold is an asset class that has demonstrated the ability to consistently deliver positive returns. Gold also has the ability to act as a proxy for broader commodity exposure, allowing investors to benefit from these alternative asset classes without potentially taking on additional risk. 

Because gold historically has a low correlation to equities and bonds, an allocation to gold can provide diversification. Including gold in an investment portfolio has the potential to significantly mitigate the impact of volatility. Research reveals that a constant allocation to gold of 20 percent is an optimal allocation that produces higher risk-adjusted returns than do balanced portfolios of bonds and equities. 


Manager Biographies


Jerry C. Wagner, J.D.

  • Co-Portfolio Manager of The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund
  • Founder and President of Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., sub-adviser to The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund

A pioneer in applying technology and hedge fund investing techniques to individual investing and risk management, Jerry C. Wagner founded Flexible Plan Investments in 1981. Mr. Wagner’s background includes pioneering new techniques in market analysis, designing quantitative methodologies and managing investment portfolios.

Mr. Wagner is also a founding member of the National Association of Active Managers (NAAIM), a nonprofit national association of more than 200 registered investment advisors who apply dynamic or tactical asset allocation strategies to manage an estimated $30 billion in assets. His numerous roles with the organization include stints as director, chairman, president and vice president.

Drawing on his more than 40 years of experience in the investment management industry, Mr. Wagner has written numerous articles and white papers on the merits of active investing. His expertise has been featured in many publications, including Financial Planning, Financial Advisor and The Journal of Investing.

Formerly a practicing tax and securities attorney, Mr. Wagner received a B.A. in political science and an M.B.A. in industrial relations from Michigan State University and a J.D. from the University of Michigan. He’s a member of the State Bar of Michigan.


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Jason Teed, CFA

  • Director of Research and Senior Portfolio
  • Manager 

Jason Teed, CFA, Director of Research of the Subadviser, has served the Funds as a portfolio manager since March 2018.  Mr. Teed has served as Director of Research since September 2017.  From December 2012 to August 2017, he served as Assistant Manager of Research.  Mr. Teed is responsible for the daily calculation of mutual fund trades, optimization of trading system models, development and verification of new algorithmic trading methodologies (up to and through completion and actual trading), proprietary asset-allocation design and testing, walk-forward optimization design and utilization, and fiduciary communication with clients.  Mr. Teed holds an MBA in finance from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration, where he graduated magna cum laude. He holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).